We have got strengths developed in the fields like ASP, Core JAVA, JAVA Servelets, JSP & HTML as programming environments and MS SQL, MY SQL and MS Access as database. Other than this we have additional capabilities in VB, JAVA Scripts, C++ etc.

We find ourselves capable of handling any web based application. May it be a simple graphical presentation or it can be a real interactive web development up to the level of e-commerce implementation utilizing database capabilities.

We also have our key expertise in terms of product development related to web. These products can be of any kind and nature for example, it can be like any one of these mentioned below or anything else -

  • Auto web Site generation and Maintenance
  • Online ticket booking system
  • Automobile sell / purchase module
  • E-banking
  • Online reservation system
  • Online real estate space selling
  • Resource sharing / hiring modules
  • Multi Level Marketing S/W (Online and Offline)

Finally we also have got strengths in terms of multimedia presentation and independent S/W modules other than web enabled software and web presentations. We have a series of software with the name MANAGEMATE.

  • Home edition for home users
  • Mate- Education edition for schools and colleges
  • Matrimonial edition as a matrimonial searchable software
  • AutoDeal edition for sell/purchase of second hand 4 wheelers
  • Accounts edition covering accounting and payroll

As our another specialty we have our expertise in software product development.